Josh Brolin can barely contain himself in new Cable pic

DEADPOOL 2 will surely be a laugh riot much like the first film, with plenty of R-rated humor filled with vulgarities, pop-culture references, gross-out gags, sexual puns and all manner of lewd acts. The movie will be so hilarious no man, woman or child will be able to contain themselves, but Cable (Josh Brolin) shall not be as amusing as Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), nor as amused at his childish antics. He's a very serious man indeed and is filled with rage to the point where it's bursting at the seams, something you can see happen in a new photo below.

Take a look at the intensity of Cable below, and try not to cut yourself on the shattered glass or his tough exterior!


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The actor has been posting several photos of himself as Cable since the first images dropped this summer, and the actor promises to bring a rough-and-tumble, heavily serious character to juxtapose Deadpool’s filthy zaniness. This is the most intense of all the images, featuring a blood-spattered Cable. At least we know what it would look like if the character were the subject of a low-budget indie movie.

DEADPOOL 2 hits theaters June 1, 2018.

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