Josh Brolin meets his captor in this new clip from Spike Lee's Oldboy

By this time you should be pretty familiar with Park Chan-wook's original OLDBOY or the upcoming Spike Lee remake but, if you aren't, you should turn away now as a new clip has appeared online that reveals a key moment in the plot of the revenge movie. While the clip is edited in such a way as to remain ambiguous, I would recommend if you want to keep the story fresh to skip ahead of the shirtless and scarred photo of Sharlto Copley below.

Still with me? Okay. So, those who have read the original OLDBOY manga or seen the Korean version know that the main character learns that the man responsible for imprisoning him is someone from his past seeking revenge for a wrongdoing done to his sister by the titular school gang.

In Park Chan-wook's version, that villain was Woo-Jin Lee while in Spike Lee's film his name is Adrian Pryce. It is unknown how much the movie will deviate the story, but I would assume they are going to stay pretty close to the shocking original.

This new clip has our confused and angry Joe Doucet (Brolin) at a bar during last call as he receives a mysterious call from someone within the same room. That man, Pryce (Copley) reveals himself and Doucet goes for the kill. This clip ends abruptly but gives a nice idea of the look and feel for the movie. So far, I like what I see. While I will always look at this OLDBOY in a completely different light than the brilliant original, I am excited to watch it as a companion flick.

OLDBOY opens in theaters on November 27th.

Source: YouTube



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