Josh Brolin smack-talks Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2 pre-production photo

After over a year of waiting we finally learned that none other than the grizzled yet charming and smooth-talking Josh Brolin would be taking on the coveted role of Cable in DEADPOOL 2. A lot of people are 100 percent on board, and those who aren’t better get on the ship because Brolin just posted a picture that proves that A.) He’s completely ready to go above and beyond for the role, even if it means looking like Tobias Funke and B.) He’s in full smack-talkery mode.


You know, just meditating. #deadpool2 #clostraphobiarocks #ryanreyondsismybitch #umguys

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If you didn’t catch it, or were just admiring the deep blue of the goo on his face, you’d notice that Brolin has sneakily trolled DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds, calling him – and I’m simply reading the words of this man – his “bitch”. Ho ho! Jolly good ribbing, master Brolin!

Here's another one for good measure too, taking make-up prep to a whole new level

Brolin was cast as the character after a litany of names were dropped, like David Harbour and Michael Shannon, while fans had been taking to rumors of actors like Pierce Bronsan being up for the role. Brolin is also playing Thanos in the MCU, causing much curiosity in fans, but Kevin Fiege gave the actor his blessing the other day.

Like many of you I was surprised Brolin got the role, given his connection to the Disney/Marvel movies, wondering if his joining the Fox slate would be of some contractual dispute. But now we know that’s all for the birds, and I couldn’t be more pumped. Brolin is gonna do a great job, bringing his imposing demeanor and aptitude for dry humor to the role. A terrific actor with plenty of past roles for the movie to riff on, DEADPOOL 2 is going to have a lot more fodder to play with, so the notion it could feel too much like the first is out the window.



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