UPDATED: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has dropped out of The Crow remake

UPDATED: Deadline has confirmed Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's exit from THE CROW reboot-- and yes, he's moving on to the HIGHLANDER remake.

Awww, another director has left THE CROW reboot. I am so sad. It's just so terrible. FALSE. I am not sad.

Another one bites the dust. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER) has left the project. Possibly to do the HIGHLANDER remake. Now this hasn't been confirmed as of yet but for some reason I have a feeling that it's not too far from the truth.

At first, Stephen Norrington was set as director with Nick Cave writing the script. Then Norrington was all like, "I don't like Cave's script." Um, you don't enjoy Nick Cave's writing? Well, I didn't enjoy THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN even though the script is really to blame on that one. Anyway, old news is old. The disagreement led to Cave getting the boot then Norrington took off.

Next thing you know, Fresnadillo is in with Bradley Cooper taking the lead. Alex Tse (WATCHMEN) got the job as screenwriter. Then Cooper left to take that role in PARADISE LOST.

So can this whole thing just stop now? Please...

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