Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has left the Highlander remake

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo left THE CROW remake to direct the HIGHLANDER remake, and is now working on no remakes.

Fresnadillo has dropped HIGHLANDER over creative differences. It is said that after a year of working with Summit on a concept and ideas for the update that the two parties could simply come to no common ground. What will Fresnadillo do now? Go back to THE CROW? Right now we have no idea. Come next week, the studio will be occupied with trying to find a new helmer for HIGHLANDER.

In case you were wondering, Ryan Reynolds is still attached to star. The film, for those who aren't familiar with the original which starred Christopher Lambert, the story focused on, "Connor MacLeod (Lambert), an immortal Scottish swordsman who has spent centuries dueling to survive against others like him, must confront the last of his kind. That nemesis is a murderously brutal barbarian (Clancy Brown) who lusts for the Prize and the opportunity to rain hell on the world."

I still haven't developed any feelings towards this whole redoing HIGHLANDER thing. When the original with Lambert came out in 1986, it was said to be very different from what Gregory Widen had originally wrote when it was first titled, Shadow Clan. It was said to be much darker and more violent. Connor was said to be a guy who had less heart and more killer instinct. He was the real deal. Regardless, I still love what '86's HIGHLANDER is.

I wonder who they will get to direct now...

Source: Deadline



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