Judd Apatow and Ben Stiller almost made a Rolling Stones concert movie

During a conversation about how THIS IS 40 deals with a crumbling music industry, director Judd Apatow revealed details on a movie that was never made.

In the early nineties, Apatow and frequent long time collaborator, Ben Stiller pitched the idea of a Rolling Stones concert comedy to the Rolling Stones. The film would have both narrative and show footage. Apparently the band loved it, but the idea was eventually scrapped by Universal.

This is what Apatow had to say about it:

Many years ago, Ben Stiller and I wrote a movie for the Rolling Stones-- this was back in 1993 or so. They wanted to do a concert film where there was a storyline going on in between the songs, so Ben and I wrote a script. We had to pitch the movie to all of the Rolling Stones, so they could decide whether they wanted to do it or not. Can you imagine something more terrifying than looking Keith Richards in the eye and pitching a movie that goofed on his band? [laughs]

But they approved the idea. [The film was eventually shelved by Universal Pictures.] At the time, they were rehearsing for their Voodoo Lounge tour in a high school gym in Toronto, and they told us we could watch. So Ben and I got to watch them rehearse for several hours. We were the only people there, and we were literally eight feet from them. The best moment of my life as a rock fan was when Mick Jagger walked over to Ben and I and said, "You guys OK? Can I get you a glass of water?" I turned around and said, "Never forget this moment-- this will never happen again."

I love Apatow's musical choices for his projects. One of the good things about THIS IS 40 is how much more of Pete's (Paul Rudd) job is involved in the film. There will be more musical debate and comments on the industry laced with Apatow's humor.



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