Judd Apatow says he has no plans for more Freaks and Geeks

With people thinking the world is just the worst it’s EVER been nostalgia has become king. Hipsters dress like it’s 1956, retro designs are all the rage and revamping shows from the 90’s and early 00’s is a guaranteed goldmine for studios. Some stars and creators are itching to give fans more of what they loved a decade ago…except for one man.

Judd Apatow spoke during an interview about the quality of modern cable shows when compared to projects done on streaming services, or premium cable like HBO, but later on he was asked the all-important question of if he would ever consider revisiting his cult classic TV show, FREAKS AND GEEKS:

I don’t want to do more Freaks & Geeks because we liked how it ended, so I feel it’s unwrapping something and seeing if you cannot screw it up; I don’t think we would do that. Also, the world has changed so much. Back then in 1999, we were talking about the pre-computer and cellphone age that was before YouTube, Google, Snapchat. I don’t close the door on anything but my inclination is that we said all we had to say.

In fact, the filmmaker never wants to do broadcast TV ever again. Ever:

I’m not interested in broadcast networks because I feel their shows are too short, I do not like the commercial interruptions, and I do not like the waiting on ratings to determine whether you are going to survive. There is limitations on content, and I hated the idea that they waited to get the ratings the next day, and if they are bad, they might pull the plug. I’ve been canceled midseason three times, and I’ve had enough of it. I like it at places like HBO where you get your season; I feel like the streaming services have created a world where there is a creative incentive to do amazing original work, and I don’t think the (broadcast) networks for all sorts of reasons could do it in a way that some other networks and streaming services can.

Frankly, I am tickled by this news. Though I’m sure some fans would love to see the F&G gang back together, wondering where they are in the world, the show ended in its own free-spirited and perfect way. The show has become a cult classic over the years and has introduced us to stars like James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and more. I think it should stay in the realm of cult classic TV shows where it can reign on high in perfection. Plus, good luck getting James Franco away from whatever it is he's doing now. Probably a documentary on bread making in Indonesia.

Apatow is executive producing the new HBO show, CRASHING, with Pete Holmes which is set for February 19.

Source: Deadline



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