Juilanne Hough, Mary J. Blige to rock with Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

I have no f*cking idea who Julianne Hough is. I've heard her name and assumed she was someone of moderate notoriety for something or the other but never felt the need to Google why. But now, Ms. Hough has landed herself a lead role opposite Tom Cruise in ROCK OF AGES and I should probably figure out who the hell she is.

According to the bio on her official site, she was one of the stars of "Dancing With the Stars." But not one of the stars dancing but one of the professional dancers dancing with them. So wait...now one of the dancers on "Dancing With the Stars" has become more famous than the stars? She apparently also released a country album to some fanfare a few years ago. She also has some nice gams, but I found that out on my own research.

AGES director Adam Shankman says finding Hough was a "star-is-born" moment and "nothing short of a miracle" as he auditioned to find his female lead. OK sure. Hough will star as Sherrie (are they going to since Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie," because if they are, I'm going to barf in my Sour Patch Kids), a small town girl (are they gonna sing "Don't Stop Believin'" and do the whole "Just a small town girl / Livin' in a lonely world" routine???) who is seduced by the big time rock star (Cruise). At some point during the movie, she turns into a stripper, which so far is the only thing worth interest.

Mary J. Blige would play Justice, the head of a strip club where Sherrie works. Blige is expected to sing "Harden My Heart" in the film.

Filming on ROCK OF AGES is set to begin this May.

Source: THR



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