Julia Ormond in talks to play the Kryptonian mother of Superman

Hot Mom overload.

Diane Lane was cast in SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL as Clarke's Earth Mom, Martha Kent and now he gets another good looking mom. Julia Ormond is currently in talks to play Lara Lor-Van, Clarke's biological Kryptonian Mother.

Here's some info on Lara from Wiki: "Lara's role in the Superman mythos has varied over the years, with her treatment and emphasis often depending on the decade she was written in. Earlier stories treated Lara in a lesser role compared to her scientist husband; however, stories from the 1970s onwards depict Lara in more prominent roles, with the 2004 miniseries Superman: Birthright as an example of this.As summarized in this miniseries (and in various other Silver Age stories), Lara was an astronaut in Krypton's space program. On Krypton, it was deemed that women were more suitable for astronauts than men; however, Krypton's space program was soon permanently grounded after Jax-Ur blew up one of Krypton's inhabited moons. Eventually, Lara met scientist Jor-El, with the two having several adventures together before getting married. Some time later, Lara gave birth to the couple's only child, Kal-El. After constructing his Fortress of Solitude, Superman honored his deceased biological parents with a statue of Jor-El and Lara holding up a globe of their native planet Krypton."

Russell Crowe still needs to accept the offer to play Jor-El according to Deadline. The film will star Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, and Antje Traue. Rumor has it that production should begin next month.

Source: Deadline



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