Julia Roberts eats, prays and loves in this new trailer

I've got to hand it to Julia Roberts. Normally a romancer that follows a woman as she gets fed up in her marriage and travels to Italy, India and Bali on a journey of self-discovery would be as interesting to me as MARMADUKE in 3D. But Julia Roberts in EAT PRAY LOVE...well it opens up against SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD so I can't say I'll see it opening weekend but it actually looks like I might enjoy it.

Really that's all Julia Roberts. I think I sleepwalked through her early rom-com days and didn't realize how good she was at her own particular brand of whatever it is she does until there were so many terrible imitators (my eyes are pointing directly at you Kate Hudson). If you're going to watch one sappy romantic film a year, it almost might as well be a Julia Roberts film, right? And besides, it's got a pretty impressive supporting cast including James Franco, Richard Jenkins and Javier Bardem. Check out the trailer below (or click here to see it in HD at Yahoo Movies) and see what you think...

Extra Tidbit: Now if this were a horror movie called EAT PREY LOVE it'd be a different story altogether.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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