Julian Assange and Wikileaks will be getting the big screen treatment

Well this isn't a total surprise considering how much news the man's made this year, but I do have to wonder what a biopic about Wikileaks founder and US public enemy number one Julian Assange would look like in practice.

The film will be an adaptation of Andrew Fowler's biography of the man called "Assange, The Most Dangerous Man in the World." For those of you living under a rock, Assange made headlines this year after his website Wikileaks released hundreds of thousands of war logs showing mass civilian deaths and other atrocities. Just kidding, what he made news for was hundreds of thousands of diplomatic logs which showed world leaders looking foolish and put various backroom underhanded deals out in the open. No one really cared about the war stuff.

Currently, he's under house arrest in the UK, and his daily activities vary from getting book deals to fearing assassination by 50 different countries' cover ops agencies.

Do you think this will make for an interesting film? But there's a bigger question, is Neil Patrick Harris available for the part?

Extra Tidbit: I hear the site is planning to release some info on Fox and News Corp soon, so I doubt they'll be picking this up for distribution.
Source: Variety



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