Julianne Hough and Russell Brand will star in Diablo Cody's directorial debut

Aiming to prove she's more than just an Oscar winning screenwriter with the propensity to invent phrases no one on earth has ever said, Diablo Cody is moving into the director's chair for a new untitled feature.

It may lack a name, but what it does have as of today is a cast. Julianne Hough and Russell Brand are set to star, and Deadline has the plot details:

Hough plays a sheltered young woman who loses her faith after a plane crash and revels in the decadence of Las Vegas. There, she meets an unlikely companion who helps her find herself.

Was she IN the plane crash? If so, I would think that might make me GAIN faith. As for the Vegas setting, I can see where Brand's character comes into play. More on this as it develops.

Extra Tidbit: You won't often see someone with the section title "Stripping and Journalism" on their Wikipedia page.
Source: Deadline



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