Julianne Moore sexes up a student in this trailer for The English Teacher with Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins

At first glance it seems like THE ENGLISH TEACHER may be another arthouse effort from Julianne Moore, but upon watching the trailer it's a bit more BAD TEACHER than THE HOURS.  Moore plays a nerdy English teacher who is blindsided when she runs into an old student (Michael Angerano) who has written a play that impresses the pants off her character.  Literally.  Moore is joined by romantic love interest shoe-in Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane, and the lovely Lily Collins, who round out the cast for what looks to be a pretty enjoyable little romp.

Take a look:

I like that Moore is playing her comedy strengths with this one, which is the most intriguing aspect of it all. We all know she can do drama, but she's got some comedic skill as well, which isn't utilized often enough. I don't think this will destroy the box office by any means, but it looks fun, light, and even a little bit risque. 

THE ENGLISH TEACHER is set to debut on May 17, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Julianne Moore role? I'm still partial to Boogie Nights, but also really dug her in Children of Men.
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