Jumper TV series in development from Jamie Bell & Julian Simpson

Nine years ago an action flick called JUMPER came out, the story centering on individuals who could teleport around the world and were being hunted by those who wish to exterminate them. The movie hoped to kick start a franchise, but nothing beyond the first movie ever materialized. Now after all these years the series may live on in the television world, as one of the movie’s stars and a legendary TV producer hope to jump it to the small screen.

Deadline got the scoop that actor Jamie Bell (FANTASTIC FOUR) and DOCTOR WHO producer Julian Simpson will be developing the series for television as part of a production and distribution deal with Lionsgate and New Regency. No word yet on what the show will focus on, or when it is set to be released, but word is Bell may be reprising his role from the movie (pictured above) for the show.

Though it now can be found mostly in $5 bins at Wal-Mart, the original JUMPER came out in 2008 to modest success, raking in $80 million domestically and $222 million worldwide. This was not enough to warrant more movies, even though the first was made with more in mind. It was reported that the film’s director, Doug Liman, was making a JUMPER TV series for YouTube Red, but that was almost a year ago and nothing new has been said on the matter.

JUMPER is one of those movies that has become sort of a zombie; something that should be dead and forgotten but still roams free. I’m sure very few people look back on it fondly, but it still plays on TV a lot and can be purchased by people perusing bins at superstores saying, “Well, it’s only $5.” I don’t think a TV series will be met with tons of enthusiasm, but maybe with more storytelling space, it could be a fun series on FX or NBC or something. Maybe there is much more to the story of teleporting people than the movie let on, so I wish Bell and Simpson good luck.

Source: Deadline



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