Jurassic Park 4 becomes Jurassic World; New release date set

For those ready to take a trip back to JURASSIC PARK, well now JURASSIC WORLD, Universal has set a release date for June 12, 2015.

Unfortunately, that's all I have at this point. But might I point out that the new title backs up the scoop we got from our source in June. JURASSIC WORLD sounds a great deal like the fully operational JURASSIC PARK that John Hammond once dreamed of. I'm sure he'd be psyched to hear that the park had a Sea World like inclosure for underwater dinosaurs. I'm dying to hear any comments from Dr. Ian Malcolm. Let's hope he doesn't get hurt again when it's old dinosaurs vs. new scary dinosaurs. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED director Colin Trevorrow will direct a screenplay co-written with Derek Connolly.

I'm very excited for this, and it's taking everything I have not to just drop the commentary and just start posting gifs. I'll just find one and call it a night. But which do I choose???

That takes me to my happy place. Are you guys ready for the next installment? If you say no, just understand that I'm going to be suspicious.

Source: Deadline



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