Just in time for Black Friday, Chopping Mall gets a remake

CHOPPING MALL was one of those movies that I picked up on VHS as a kid simply based on the box art. I mean a robot hand holding a bag full of bloody body parts? SOLD. Nevermind that the film features no such bloody bag...

Even though it was scholockier than most 80s horror films, CHOPPING MALL is next on the, er, chopping block in Hollywood for a remake. Longtime FX wizard Robert Hall has picked up the rights to the film and will write and direct the film. Hall last directed LAID TO REST and it's sequel CHROMESKULL 2.

While the original movie centered on robot security guards sent on a killing spree by a rogue lighting bolt that shorts their security mainframe, the new film won't be quite so straightforward. Says co-writer Kevin Bocarde, "It will retain the basic concept of young people trapped in a mall; however, the story will have a darker, supernatural spin."


Guys...you got a good thing going here. It's something of a cult classic. Don't make a "haunted mall" movie because no one wants to see that. Well maybe they do, what the hell do I know?, but that's not a CHOPPING MALL movie. That's just INSIDIOUS IN A MALL.

Source: Variety



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