Justice League international trailer shows off some new footage

Upfront, I do wanna say that this international trailer is pretty similar to the original trailer that came out, but there are some pretty cool shots in this that wasn't featured there. For one, you have Wonder Woman interacting with Cyborg, an Amazonian (presumably, possibly even Wonder Woman) shooting down a Parademon ship, more Batman doing flips. You know, some pretty cool shit. Also when I first heard the line "This is the only way he'll find us, united", I felt it could be in reference to their working together is what will help Superman come back...but it could also be three lines edited together from three different scenes as trailers are wont to do (or even just some inspirational pep talk before fighting the big bad).

I know I've been harsh on the DCEU, but I'm actually let myself have hope for JUSTICE LEAGUE. There's still a lot I don't like (those red skies in what look like the climax feel like something out of a goddamn Asylum movie), but it does look like it'll at least be fun, which I'll take at this point. Hopefully, though, it's also something more.

Meanwhile, JUSTICE LEAGUE will justice its way into theaters November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: You know what, if nothing else, the movie has made look forward to Aquaman.
Source: YouTube



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