Justice League tidbit

We recently brought you the news that a bunch of actors/actresses recently auditioned for roles in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie that George Miller is making. Adam Brody, Joseph Cross, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Teresa Palmer were a couple of the names mentioned. The news in today is that they were all auditioning for only two roles: The Flash and Wonder Woman. Which is good news, because they kinda make sense, and we get to continue on with our fantasy that Batman isn't going to be in the film. Adam Brody feels like a good fit for The Flash. But I feel like before he can convince anyone he's the man for the job, that boy's gonna have to get his ass in the gym and then go back in time and stop Ryan Reynolds from ever being born. What the hell happened to him? Wasn't that a lock? I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead for Wonder Woman, too, since she might just be the hottest chick I have ever seen. But I kind of feel like she's a little too young, like she doesn't have the wisdom I'd want from my Wonder Woman. What do you guys think?
Extra Tidbit: Winstead's Dad's name is James. I am so in.
Source: AICN



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