Justice League tracking for $110 million-plus opening weekend

We only have three weeks left before JUSTICE LEAGUE finally hits screens, and it seems that if you aren’t already pumped for the superhero team-up then there’s not much left to change your heart. With that in mind, surveys have already been conducted to determine how the movie could fare at the box office during its opening weekend, and as of now early projections are placing it for a big debut, albeit not as big as previous DC entries.

According to early surveys (via THR), the current tracking for JUSTICE LEAGUE places the movie’s opening weekend in the ballpark of $110 million to $120 million. That’s no lemonade stand money, for sure, but it does place it below openings for last year’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN ($166 million) and SUICIDE SQUAD ($133 million). If it opens near the lower end of that scale, it could even debut below MAN OF STEEL’s $116 million opening, but above WONDER WOMAN’s $103 million.

What is being noted is that Warner Bros. intends to kick the marketing up a notch in the coming weeks, so perhaps that will drum up excitement. However, the Marvel movie THOR: RAGNAROK will debut only two weeks before, and already the projections place that movie’s opening at $125 million, and if word-of-mouth is fantastic (like the early reviews), it could cut into JL’s weekend in a big way. The DCEU is riding high thanks to WONDER WOMAN, though, as it went on to make over $400 million after having the lowest opening weekend of all the movies. 

WB was maybe hoping for AVENGERS-level money, but hey, an opening like this current prediction is pretty solid. The numbers may seem a little low compared to what some may have been hoping for, but the reception to movies like BVS and SQUAD probably hasn't helped. Still, the movie may hold over well if the word-of-mouth is good, with fans reassured the aforementioned movies were just hiccups. At the end of the day, though, this is all about making what you can and running away before STAR WARS takes every last dollar. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters November 17.

Source: THR Heat Vision



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