Justin Lin to helm Black Panthers vs. SWAT drama for Netflix

It's being reported that Justin Lin, director of four THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS films and  STAR TREK BEYOND has teamed with screenwriter Mark Heyman (BLACK SWAN, XOXO) to create a brand-new, politically-charged feature for Netflix called THE STAND OFF. The events of the film will take place during December of the year 1969, when a newly-established police unit known as the "SWAT team" were given the green light for their first operation: to raid a Los Angeles Headquarters belonging to the Black Panther Party. The events of the movie will be shot from the perspectives of both groups involved in the incident, which amounted to one of the most profound skirmishes the city has ever seen. In truth, the echoes of that battle can still be felt in the violence, misunderstandings, and battle for equality in today's unstable society. 

Justin Lin will produce the project through his Perfect Storm Entertainment label alongside Material Pictures' Tobey Maguire and Matthew Plouffe and Ben Shields Caitlin. Additionally, it was actually Heyman who began plans for the film and then developed it as a directing vehicle for Lin. Lots of companies offered bids for the project, but it was decided by both Lin and Heyman that Netflix was be the best choice in who should bring the project to the masses.

As of the moment, no one has been cast in the film nor has a production date been set. One thing is for sure though, releasing the film on Netflix will certainly give the project a massive audience with an estimated 93.8 million (as of February 2017) subscribers having access to the premiere streaming network. We'll be sure to let you know when THE STAND OFF will be making its way to your living room as the news rolls out.

Extra Tidbit: The Black Panthers’ central guiding principle was an “undying love for the people.”
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