Justin Timberlake offered one of the leads in the Coens Bros' Inside Llewyn Davis

Justin Timberlake's star continues to rise! According to Variety, the IN TIME actor may be working soon with a new set of prestigious filmmakers: Joel and Ethan Cohen.

The brothers are currently prepping the music film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, which "focuses on the folk music scene in Greenwich Village in the 1960s and the title character is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk, a folk singer who was friends with Bob Dylan, among other famous musicians." That title role will be played by Oscar Issac (DRIVE) - a struggling musican trying to make ends meet - while JT's been offered the part of 'Jim', another folk musician that's married to a woman named 'Jean' (played by Carrey Mulligan).

Producer Scott Rudin (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, TRUE GRIT, THE SOCIAL NETWORK) is behind this latest project. Schedule permitting, I would think Timberlake would jump at the chance to work with the Coens, particularly for a role that would put a spotlight on two of the man's key talents. I personally love the idea, but what do you guys think?
Source: Variety



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