Jyn Erso owns the stage in new Rogue One international posters

Something I find very interesting is how foreign countries advertise movies, particularly American movies. They have a tendency to put things front-and-center that we normally wouldn’t. But in the case of these new ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY posters, I can’t seem to put my finger on why they went in this direction. The STAR WARS Twitter page put out the posters from South Korea and Japan, and they seem to have gone with a minimalist approach, to say the least. But it seems they went a little too minimalist, really showing nothing but the characters.

Take a look!

South Korea:


As you can see there’s not much to, well, see. The one from South Korea seems like they took a group photo from a magazine and placed it over the background of another image, like the one in the header. The one from Japan is a little nicer, and uses a similar Death Star image to the main American one, but instead of having action below shows Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) standing alone on a beach. Still, it could've looked cooler with a little more artistry, as the idea of her standing below the Death Star on a barren beach is an interesting concept. Frankly I haven’t loved any of the ROGUE ONE posters so far, as they all lack a certain creative “umph”. But I guess it being STAR WARS means that it doesn’t really need posters. The movie will advertise itself. I mean, I could think of an example, like that you could simply put a character next to a picture of the Death Star and it would sell tickets, but it seems someone already beat me to that.

ROGUE ONE brings the rebellion to theaters on December 16.

Source: Twitter



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