Kane & Lynch found?

Update: Producer Adrian Askarieh informs us that this rumor is, in fact, false. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton, as decidedly bad ass as it would be if they were cast, are not involved. In fact, no one has been cast as yet. Further, detonation innovator Michael Bay is not involved. Though should the need arise for some high quality, forward-thinking explosions, they have him on standby (Note: That was a joke).

Kane & Lynch Earlier this year, we told you about Lionsgate buying the rights to the Eidos video game "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men". At the time, the game hadn't even been released yet so nothing could be said as far as casting and production. The folks over at Wired blog "Game Life", however, are saying that the adaptation might be receiving some heavy duty A-list players in the form of Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton for the title roles. The story follows the title characters, one a ruthless mercenary and the other a medicated psychopath, who must team up for some unspeakable violence because that's what people of this sort in video games do. Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter and now apparently explosion pioneer Michael Bay are producing from a script apparently written by Kyle Ward.

Extra Tidbit: The game was released yesterday to mixed reviews.
Source: Game Life



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