Karate Kid 2 moving ahead gets Robin Hood writers

Hearing they were making a remake out of the original KARATE KID was somewhat disheartening mostly because I reflect back on the original as a classic (I realize it's not a perfect movie but nostalgia-wise, I love it). But the KARATE KID remake wasn't all terrible and hearing they're making a sequel to Jaden Smith's version, doesn't bother me at all. Mostly because KARATE KID, PART II was terrible anyway (with the exception of the prologue).

KARATE KID 2 was announced almost immediately after the big opening weekend of KARATE KID this summer but now we get a better idea of who will be bringing the sequel to life. Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff, who wrote the script NOTTINGHAM on which ROBIN HOOD was kinda/sorta based, are writing the script for the new version. Since the original sequel moved the setting from Reseda, CA to Okinawa, you'd think this version would do the opposite and move the Japanese setting back home to the US (but Sony Pictures refused to comment on the setting of the film).

And now comes the part where I ask you to post in the comments, your idea for what KARATE KID 2 should be about. My thought is that they should abandon the karate tournament thing and just flash-forward a few years to where Jaden Smith is now using his karate skills as a government operative, taking down drug rings and corrupt cops and stuff. Like an actual Jackie Chan movie. What say you?

Extra Tidbit: Can we get a remake of "Glory of Love" for the sequel?
Source: THR



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