Karen Gillan has some fun with her stunt doubles on the set of Jumanji

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While the story for the JUMANJI SEQUEL is still being kept under wraps, that's not going to stop the cast from spreading the love on Instagram. Usually Dwayne Johnson is the main offender, but today we're going to share some of the goods thanks to Karen Gillan. For your viewing pleasure, you can see a bit of what she has to endure at the harsh shooting locations in Hawaii. Check it out!


Being an actress is hard...

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I'm admittedly somewhat ambivalent towards the idea of this JUMANJI sequel. While I have no great love for the original, I also don't have much faith in this iteration, aside from the fact Dwayne Johnson is one charismatic dude, and Karen Gillan is one charming lady. Jack Black is always a welcome addition, and even proved to work wonders in the GOOSEBUMPS family film. That leaves us with Kevin Hart and...well, we'll just see how that plays out!

The JUMANJI SEQUEL will open in theaters on July 28, 2017.

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