Karl Urban says "conversations are happening" about more Dredd

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No one expected this kind of support behind DREDD, the 2012 cult favorite starring Karl Urban that improved in every way upon what Sylvester Stallone had previously done to the comic book character. At the time of its release, there were those who were ready to criticize it for being too close premise-wise to Gareth Evans' THE RAID: REDEMPTION, and others who saw it as another comic cast-off that Lionsgate was burying for a reason. Then the film came out and people who saw it couldn't get enough (check out our own JimmyO's review of the film from four years ago). Karl Urban was everything fans wanted out of Judge Dredd and Pete Travis deliver a no-nonsense brutal action flick unlike much of what we were getting of comic book movies at the time. 

Since then, there has been demand for another DREDD movie, but, because of the film's box office ($41.5 million against a $45 million budget), the rallying cry for a sequel has been a hard sell. However, that hasn't stopped rumors from creeping up every once in awhile that someone might be looking to do something more with the foundation set by the first film. And Karl Urban is once again feeding the frenzy of fans that would love more DREDD in the future.

While appearing at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, Urban made a panel appearance where, of course, he was asked about the latest status of anything DREDD and he teased that something could be in the works. 

Both Amazon and Netflix have been aggressively adding original content left and right in an arms race to lure more subscription eyes into their respective mixes, and DREDD would seem like the perfect type of project for either one of them to be chasing at this point. Does that mean a DREDD series could be a thing in the near future? We'll have to keep an eye out and see, but it should come as no surprise that either of the streaming services would be doing their due dilligence on such a project. 


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