Kate McKinnon will voice the lead character in Magic School Bus revival

The 90’s has been looked back on in recent years as the pinnacle of children’s television. RUGRATS, ALL THAT, KENAN AND KEL, and so many other classic shows meant to distract us while mommy had her “special afternoon drink.” But lest we forget much of that programming was educational too, and one of the big hitters was THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS. A reboot is happening, of course, and the show will ride again with the voice of a recent Ghostbuster teaching your children.

Netflix announced at a press event Wednesday that SNL and GHOSTBUSTERS star Kate McKinnon will voice the teacher in BUS, Ms. Frizzle. During the show’s original 1994-1997 run the character was voiced by the legendary Lily Tomlin, so the series is looking to continue the trend of having funny folks as the star of the show.

Though there is no release date for the show, the working title for this new show is THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS RIDES AGAIN. For those of you too young to remember or too old to care the show saw Ms. Frizzle (a.k.a. “The Frizz”) taking her class on unauthorized school field trips in her magic school bus to exciting locations to teach them about history, math, science, and how chaperones are for the birds.

I remember the show, somewhat, though I can’t recall any specific episodes. It was the kind of thing that my actual school teachers would show the class when they gave up and needed to take a break from us. Netflix is clearly becoming the harbinger of 90’s remakes, having already tackled FULL HOUSE (with FULLER HOUSE) and giving Bill Nye a new show (BILL NYE SAVES THE WORLD), so this show will probably cater to both kids and their parents who refuse to accept being adults. McKinnon is a genius on SNL, and she had a fun time in GHOSTBUSTERS, so I have no trouble imagining her voice the character.

There is no release date yet for the movie. God, I already said that.

Source: EW



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