Katee Sackhoff hints at big news and denies Star Wars involvement

Katee Sackhoff is often a name that pops up when casting a kick-ass female character based on her breakout role as Starbuck in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. She has since appeared in a similar role opposite Vin Diesel in this year's RIDDICK. She has also been linked to potential parts in the all female EXPENDABLES movie, STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, and roles as either Ms. Marvel or Wonder Woman. With Gal Gadot getting the Wonder Woman role in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, that still leaves the other projects on the table for the blonde.

Taking to her Twitter feed, Sackhoff shot one rumor down completely and teased another. Check out her comment below.

I think she would have made a nice addition to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII in a supporting role, but I think she has more potential in a superhero film. So, does her tease of something big hint at that rumored Ms. Marvel movie? Sackhoff's star is not quite at the level to headline a Marvel movie on her own, in my opinion, so maybe she will be a secondary character in an upcoming film or even the lead in that Jessica Jones Netflix series announced last month.

Either way, I hope that her tease is actually something legit and not a guest role on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

Source: Twitter



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