Katherine Waterston better start running in new UK Alien poster

Say what you will about the whole Brexit thing, but I’m jealous of our chaps across the pond for so many reasons. Cooler buildings, better accents and leaders that are less orange than ours. But above all they’re getting movies earlier than we are, including the upcoming ALIEN: COVENANT, which drops one week early on May 12. What better way for them to rub it in our face than by plastering it on this sweet new poster for the movie that makes you wanna scream at a petrified Katherine Waterston, “Run you [email protected] moron!”

Not as exquisite as the last poster we got for the film, but it’s still pretty cool and gets the horror angle across. This week has been big for the movie so far, with several new TV spots coming out and the announcement that Alien Day would be returning on April 26. This is just another cherry on the delicious-looking sundae that is COVENANT.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives in the boring ol' USA on May 19.

Source: Fox



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