Katherine Waterston is in a deep sleep in new Alien: Covenant set clip

Ah, the little things in life. Sometimes all you need is a little taste of something to get you through the day—like a piece of chocolate, a fresh breeze, or for me, a delightful comment about my eyes from a stranger. Yes, the little things are enough to get you from A to Z, a truth that the people working on ALIEN: COVENANT took to heart.

On the ALIEN Facebook page, an eight-second clip from the film was released to tease the one-year mark until the movie’s release in theaters. As well, the movie shows off Katherine Waterston decked out in her space duds, and in a particularly deep hyper sleep, to boot.

Take a gander below, but if you watch more than eight seconds of it so help me God…

As you can see there’s not much to discuss, but cool right? It looks like security footage from a monitor on the ship. But it begs one question: Who is watching Waterston sleep and then putting a video of it online? Huh, I was wondering what Danny McBride was doing in this movie.

ALIEN: COVENANT comes out August 4, 2017 with Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride and directed by Ridley Scott.

Source: Facebook



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