Katrina Bowden to star as a sexy killer in Nurse 3D

Last month, Lionsgate announced a new project called NURSE 3D, a slasher film that would follow a trio of sexy nurses who lure men to their death for...well, I'm really sure for what, but for kicks, I guess. At the time, Paz de la Huerta was announced as staring and now she's found herself a sidekick. Katrina Bowden, who plays the bubbly assistant Cerie on "30 Rock," has signed on to co-star with de la Huerta as one of the evil nurses.

Bowden is no stranger to horror flicks having previously starred in TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL and just wrapping PIRAHNA 3DD earlier this summer. She also wrapped a supporting role in the AMERICAN PIE sequel AMERICAN REUNION. She's also super hot.

NURSE 3D was conceived by Lionsgate Chief of Marketing Tim Palan based off some of the photos taken for the annual SAW blood drive of the creepy nurses. It's never a good sign on a creative level when your marketing chief is coming up with movies based on the marketing campaigns of other movies but hey, it's a fairly basic concept so how badly could it be screwed up? Hot nurses in a slasher flick...

Douglas Aarniokoski is directing the film, which will begin production later this month.

Extra Tidbit: Bowden is the granddaughter of legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden.
Source: Deadline



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