Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D will be the 3D event of the year!

Just f*ckin' with ya.  Unless you're twelve, in which case that headline is probably a true statement.

Following on the heels of the super awesome Justin Beiber concert film, Katy Perry documented her California Dreams Tour, complete with whipped cream-shooting boobies, and is now preparing for its release this summer, going head-to-head with none other than your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. 

You must choose...but choose...wisely:

I don't want to take the spotlight, so I'm gonna turn it over to Katy for this one:

"I am so excited to paint the silver screen in 3D color with help from our friends at Paramount and Imagine. For the last year and a half, I have intimately documented my life both on and off the stage of The California Dreams Tour. I want to take you behind the cotton candy clouds and reveal the highs and lows and nuts of bolts of this extraordinary ride. I promise you, after seeing this film, you will truly know me."

I don't think after watching this movie that I would know Katy Perry the way I truly want to, so this would probably be a bubblegum nightmare for me.  Look, I get that most of us aren't the demographic for this film.  I'm way too cynical to enjoy this in any other way than a Mystery Science Theater 3,000 viewing.  That being said, I think the footage showing her "struggling" through "dark times" is somewhat interesting.  But, so are volcanoes and crossword puzzles, so there's that.

You can catch Katy inspire happiness and rainbows around the world with spinning boobie devices in KATY PERRY: PART OF ME 3D or you can watch THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN fight a lizard-ish villain on July 4, 2012. 

Choose your team and let the fireworks begin!

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer Katy as a blonde, brunette, redhead, blue, pink, green, orange, etc., etc.....
Source: Paramount



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