Keanu Reeves & Laurence Fishburne spotted filming for John Wick 2

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Will JOHN WICK 2 feature a mini THE MATRIX reunion? That's what many are asking after Laurence Fishburne was spotted with Keanu Reeves on the Brooklyn set of the sequel, and it doesn't look he was just there to see an old friend. Gothamist has several behind-the-scenes photos from the production, and they appear to show Reeves and Fishburne filming a scene together in front of several cages holding pigeons.

Check 'em out:

John Wick 2 Keanu Reeves Laurence FishburneJohn Wick 2 Keanu Reeves Laurence FishburneJohn Wick 2 Keanu Reeves Laurence Fishburne

It hasn't been officially announced that Fishburne will appear in the follow-up and the actor also isn't on the film's IMDB cast page, so some are assuming that he will just have a cameo, but I'm hoping that he will have a sizable part in the movie. What do you think Fishburne's role will be in JOHN WICK 2?

JOHN WICK 2 doesn't have a release date yet, but it will likely be in theaters by Fall 2016.

Source: Gothamist



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