Keanu Reeves teases next level action and characters for John Wick 2

Keanu Reeves made a very welcome return to the realm of ass-kicking (perhaps head-shooting would be a more appropriate term) in Chad Stahelski and David Leitch's JOHN WICK, which dealt with a retired hitman who swiftly worked his way through the group of gangsters who took everything from him. As the film proved to be quite successful, it was only natural that a sequel was soon put into production. Keanu Reeves recently wrapped on JOHN WICK: THE NEXT CHAPTER and spoke with IGN to tease how the filmmakers and himself approached this new entry in John Wick's life.

For us it was just what is the next chapter? What is the continuation of this story? Opening up the world – the underground world. The world behind the world in terms of the assassins. Kind of evolving the action – if the first one was a black belt, then this one is third degree black belt. It’s such a fun project and a great character.

The first installment of Keanu Reeves' new franchise featured some great action which did away with the quick frantic editing that has been prevalent in far too many modern action films, and if they really are going to be taking that action to the next level for the sequel, we should be in for quite the treat. JOHN WICK: THE NEXT CHAPTER will see Wick traveling to Rome where he will meet a few new characters, including Peter Stormare and Laurence Fishburne, his ol' pal from THE MATRIX.

Laurence has this fantastic role as a character in the Underworld called The Bowery King. He plays such a great character in the piece and he brings of course humour, intelligence, charisma and fascination – he’s such an incredible actor and it was a pleasure to work with him again. And Peter Stormare – Stormare has more of a cameo in it but again he brings such fun and mystery and this mixture of groundedness and the surreal.

JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO will hit theaters on February 10, 2017.

Source: IGN



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