Keegan-Michael Key to fight alongside Boyd Holbrook in The Predator

Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key, the man best known for acting alongside Jordan Peele in the Comedy Central series, Key and Peele, is joining the ensemble cast of Shane Black's THE PREDATOR. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Key will play a man who teams up with ex-Marines (Boyd Holbrook and Trevante Rhodes) and a scientist (Olivia Munn) to fight the creatures. Black will direct from a script he wrote in part with Fred Dekker (EDGE, Star Trek: Enterprise).

Keegan-Michael Key is an amazing comedian, and I think he's a pretty great actor as well. I have no doubts that he'll be able to deliver some much-needed levity, as well as conviction, once a predator comes calling. It was previously rumored (and debunked) that suburbia would be the location for the upcoming film, but I'm going to trust that Shane Black has some really good ideas in tow. The man knows how to put an ensemble together (THE NICE GUYS, KISS KISS BANG BANG) so I'm curious to see who else will be signing up!

THE PREDATOR is looking to start filming in late February.



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