Keira Knightley is worried Sam Worthington is cheating on her with Eva Mendes in the trailer for Last Night

Everyone at some point has experienced the feeling that their significant other may be cheating on them. It's equally as uncomfortable watching it happen to people on-screen.

In the trailer for LAST NIGHT, Joanna (Keira Knightley) immediately wonders if her husband Michael (Sam Worthington) is having an affair when she meets one of his co-workers, Laura (Eva Mendes). He, of course, denies any sort of involvement with Laura and shortly thereafter must go on a business trip with her. Joanna is left to worry, but winds up in a situation of her own when she runs into one of her exes.

This film is the directing and writing debut of Massy Tadjedin. LAST NIGHT does not currently have a domestic distributor. This will likely change rather quickly considering that Knightley, Worthington, and Mendes are starring.

Check out the trailer below.


"Michael and Joanna Reed (Sam Worthington and Knightley) seem to have it all. Young, attractive and successful, they’re a married couple who’ve lucked into spiritual and material well-being, sharing a comfortable and seemingly perfect life in their trendy Manhattan apartment. But when the Reeds attend one of Michael’s work parties, Joanna witnesses a suspicious moment between her husband and his beautiful new co-worker, Laura (Eva Mendes). The incident is fleeting and ambiguous – Joanna can’t be sure what she did or didn’t see – but it sows an insidious seed of doubt that festers at the core of their love."

Extra Tidbit: Would you cheat on Knightley with Mendes?
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