Kevin Bacon plays the dirtiest kind of cop in the trailer for Cop Car

COP CAR follows a couple of kids who stumble upon a seemingly abandoned police car in a field. They then decide it would be a great idea to take that bad boy for a joy ride! Things take a turn for the worse when the sheriff, played by Kevin Bacon, decides to play Six Degrees of Separation from Your Limbs if the kids don't return the vehicle. Methinks Bacon has some secrets hidden in that trunk, and you can check out the trailer of his vengeance below!

COP CAR tosses audiences a pretty cool premise, and if Chris Bumbray's review from Sundance is any indication, director Jon Watts makes good on it! I know as a kid I used to love watching movies of other kids doing all the shit I never dared to. That may be due to the fact I believed everything would go down exactly how it does in these kinds of films. Still, death by Kevin Bacon's mustache is not the worst way to go.

COP CAR will open in theaters on August 7, 2015.

Source: Focus Features



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