Kevin Costner directs himself as a sheriff in WWII

Since he won an Oscar for DANCES WITH WOLVES, Kevin Costner hasn't been directing a whole lot (although OPEN RANGE more than makes up for THE POSTMAN).

But he's putting himself behind and in front of the camera for A LITTLE WAR OF OUR OWN. And what's it about?

Well, that's kind of a mystery. It's described as an action-adventure set during World War II, but Costner will play "a sheriff who must try to keep a town from exploding into violence."

Okay, he's a lawman in an American town during wartime. Probably a lot of drama, people dealing with the loss of loved ones in battle overseas. But wait -- the other main character in the movie is "a German U-boat commander". Huh?

No idea how those details will all come together, but it should be interesting to find out. The movie starts shooting in the fall.


Extra Tidbit: I believe in all the same stuff as Crash Davis. Except Oswald acting alone. I think Costner made a solid case against that in JFK.
Source: Variety



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