Kevin Costner joins Django Unchained! I repeat: Kevin Costner joins Django Unchained!

I've long been a fan of Kevin Costner and felt he was unfairly shunned by Hollywood after WATERWORLD and THE POSTMAN. Why did John Travolta get his big, fancy (and unnecessary) comeback while Costner was busy not getting any roles? Well the man who brought back Travolta to the A-list is fixing to do the same for Costner.

Quentin Tarantino is in talks with Costner for a major supporting role in DJANGO UNCHAINED. And if you think he's sticking with his wholesome good boy image - which I'm sure will be on full display as Pa Kent in MAN OF STEEL - think again. Costner will be playing the nasty associate of Dr. Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), who trains slaves for a series of brutal fights. In fact, Candie introduces him in the script as "my nigger fight trainer extraordinaire." (Not exactly something you thought you'd hear DiCaprio introducing Costner has anytime soon, huh?)

Costner joins a cast that includes DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx in the title role, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz. With most of the major players now cast, the focus turns to Broomhilda, the female lead and wife to Django. It's a tough role - she needs to be young, beautiful and fluent in both English and German - so Tarantino may have to go all Melanie Laurent on us to find someone capable.

As for Costner, it's great to have him back and, while this is especially early, would love to see him in the hunt for a comeback Oscar.

Source: Deadline



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