Kevin Costner may become a drug mule for Guillermo Del Toro in Midnight Delivery

Kevin Costner has been in and out of the limelight throughout his career, but has remained consistent in work, putting out almost a film per year since he emerged on the scene in the early '80's. Now, however, it seems that he's primed to flood cinema's the world over with a number of high-profile projects on the way, including MIDNIGHT DELIVERY from producer Guillermo Del Toro, which would find the Oscar and Emmy award winning actor as "a father who becomes a drug mule to save his son." The script is by Neill Cross from an idea by Del Toro and sounds consistent with the type of role that would attract the seasoned actor.

Costner recently played Jonathan Kent in MAN OF STEEL, bringing an emotional performance to the superhero epic, and will be seen in a number of fatherly roles in the next year, including JACK RYAN with Chris Pine, where he plays a veteran CIA agent/mentor to the titular character, THREE DAYS TO  KILL from writer Luc Besson and director McG, where he plays a dying Secret Service Agent trying to reconnect with his daughter while taking an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for "one last mission," Ivan Reitman's DRAFT DAY, where he plays the GM of a football team trying to secure the number one pick, and BLACK AND WHITE for director Mike Binder, where he plays a grieving widower drawn into a custody battle over his daughter.

So, if you left MAN OF STEEL thinking that Costner should play a dad in every movie, well...someone heard you. Because Costner seems to be THE father figure role for most casting agents these days. And, I personally don't see a problem with that at all. I'm happy to see Costner back in the saddle again as he's always been one of my favorite actors who brings a great level of gravitas to his performances. Keep 'em comin' I say.

MIDNIGHT DELIVERY is currently in development, so no release date is set. Costner will next be seen on the big screen in JACK RYAN, out on December 25, 2013.

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Source: Variety



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