Kevin Hart and Ice Cube will return for Ride Along 2

Breaking the $100 million mark for a January premiere is an accomplishment for any movie. But, when that movie only cost the studio $25 million to make, you better believe they will capitalize on it and fast. With that said, Universal has just announced RIDE ALONG 2.

Bringing back stars Kevin Hart and Ice Cube along with director Tim Story, Deadline reports that RIDE ALONG 2 is being developed with returning screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi. The goal is to finish the script soon and to start shooting this June or July. That could put the release as early as the end of the year or, more likely, January 2015.

The studio also plans to increase the action in the film while also adding a more ethnically diverse cast to capitalize on international and minority markets. The studio is also going to bank on Kevin Hart while he is hot. Hart's recently released ABOUT LAST NIGHT has done fairly well and he has several other movies due this year, including GET HARD with Will Ferrell, THINK LIKE A MAN TOO, and THE WEDDING RINGER.

Source: Deadline



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