Kevin James lines up his next film...an indie drama??

Kevin James has probably not done his indie cred any favors starring in soul-sucking comedies like ZOOKEEPER, PAUL BLART and GROWN-UPS. But James is at least trying to branch out into new territory and has signed on to his next film, an indie drama set during WWII.

While to-date, James' co-stars have consisted of Adam Sandler, Vince Vaughn and a talking monkey, the comedian now has a cast that consists of Emily Watson and Ben Chaplin in LITTLE BOY. The film follows a young boy struggling with life at home as his father is sent off to the war. It's unclear what role James would play in the film but Chaplin looks to be playing his father with Watson playing the mother. The logline says the boy deals with the "cruelty of schoolteachers" so perhaps not only is James starring in the film, but starring in the film as a bad guy?

Before you start to get yourself too excited about the future of Kevin James that involves leaving retarded movies behind him, know that he's still has HERE COMES THE BOOM, the Adam Sandler produced comedy about a fat guy who gets involved with MMA, coming out the same year as LITTLE BOY.

Source: Variety



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