Kevin Smith auctioning off past movie props to pay for Red State distribution

UPDATE: Apparently this was announced a while back, so it's not a last resort manuever. It is however, still kind of weird.

Apparently telling Hollywood to go f*ck themselves and self-distributing a movie is harder than you might think.

Despite the fact Kevin Smith's RED STATE tour has wrangled up some cash from its ticket sales across the country, but apparently it's not enough, and the director is attempting a new means to raise case for wide distribution of his project.

He's auctioning off props from his past movies, some of which you can see above, with all proceeds benefitting the lovely charity that is RED STATE. Previously, he'd auctioned off the rights for websites to host posters for the film, which raised thousands of dollars for various charitable organizations, but I guess that love train has ground to a halt. 

Is this just a fun gimmick, or is Smith really that strapped for cash? If so, is he really expecting some huge fan who happens to be a millionaire to swoop in and purchase Bluntman's costume for $800,000? How much would these items possibly go for?

The auction is taking place next month at the Pasadena convention center. You can see all the items for sale in a slideshow here, and let me know what you make of this move.

Extra Tidbit: All the die-hard Kevin Smith fans that paid to see RED STATE seem to say it's good, but I think they could be a wee bit biased.
Source: TMZ



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