Kevin Smith doing an "anti-movie review" show called Spoilers

Seems that the media hound known as Kevin Smith is inching his way into reality TV star.  With the AMC show Comic Book Men renewed for a second season, Smith will now host another reality show, this time for Hulu, called SPOILERS, which is his self-proclaimed "anti-movie review show." 

It's a simple concept: Smith will take a bunch of fans to see ten summer blockbusters on opening day, forgoing the early critic screenings he abhors so much, and then have an in-depth discussion about what they just saw.

“We don’t review movies, we revere movies,” Smith says, which is kind of the mantra for the series.

The movies they'll be, uh, "revering" are listed below (and hear his thoughts on them here):

Smith refers to the show as "a hug-fest for movies," and is quick to not that initial reactions aren't always the best, "It’s not like, And our judgment on the movie is…," he says. "But if you’re talking movies, of course you’ll talk about stuff you don’t like. I mean, I love THE AVENGERS, but I’ll talk for 20 minutes about Dopey the Loki Pokey Stick. You can still do it with affection, without being like, ‘I judge this as an unworthy self-expression of art!’ That’s horses---."

Smith goes on to discuss his affinity for the first "movie review show," which started with Siskel and Ebert:

"Siskel and Ebert, man, defined my childhood," he says. "I wouldn’t sit there and be, like, thumb up, thumb down -- I didn’t care about that. They were just talking about movies in general. Nobody was talking about movies on TV. I used to dream, what a great job that would be, to be the fat guy on TV talking about movies. And now I can be the fat guy on TV talking about movies. It’s like a weird dream come true."

I'm torn on this one.  On one hand it sounds like a fun idea.  On the other, Kevin Smith has gotten to the point of being a parody of himself and he's so back and forth on what he's "all about."  He loathed the critical reaction to COP OUT and RED STATE so, is this like, his revenge?  I don't get it, really.  Critical reaction will be a part of any form of entertainment, love it or hate it.  i actually think that "real fans" are harder on movies than any of the critics that Smith proclams to despise.

You can catch Spoilers on Hulu starting June 4, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: Kevin Smith has said his last movie will be the hockey film Hit Somebody. Do you think he'll follow through with retirement? I don't think so and it's really annoying every time a filmmaker says they're "done." Just say you're taking a break. Or say nothing at all.



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