Kevin Smith gives a Red State of the Union

Consider me really f*cking teased on this one.

Kevin Smith decided to give a sneak peek of his upcoming film RED STATE to a select audience. Instead of providing people with a video teaser, he recorded the happenings within a podcast.

Smith tells everyone, "It doesn't really tell you anything about plot, it's all about mood and tone, but at this point that's really all I'm willing to share. I made the teaser for the chief audience - which would be myself - so I'm pre-sold!" What you get is an eerie monologue from Michael Parks. As they go into the Q&A to discuss what was previewed I was literally screaming in my head, "I just want to see it!!!"

Fans will be able to get more details from the weekly podcast, "Red State of the Union". The site offers this: "Every week, learn all about horror upcoming horror flick RED STATE during a live, press-free conference! Non-specious movie news, directly from the filmmakers!" During the Q&A, Smith discusses several details like the awesomeness that is Michael Parks, run-time (96 minutes), the $3 million dollar budget, and how LET THE RIGHT ONE IN inspired some cool shots.

To listen to the first installment, HEAD HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Favorite scene from a Kevin Smith film?
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