Kevin Smith has completed the first draft of Clerks III!

Not often do I come across any awesome tidbits on Instagram, but today was the exception. It seems that Kevin Smith has completed his first draft of CLERKS III. I was going to say "Snootchie Bootchies" then I just think of what Jay says in CHASING AMY: "'Snootchie-bootchies'. Who talks like that? That's baby-talk."

Smith also posted the pic of the finished script on Facebook along with these words: "IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! CLERKS III, FIRST DRAFT! At 137 pages, it plays like THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of what's now become the Clerks Trilogy. And I am SO in love with it. Pictured is the script with the clapboard we used on the original CLERKS. Both the old clapboard and the old filmmaker are ready to go back to Jersey for the last time..."

What treasures does this script for the final installment hold? Will Jay strip down? Will Randall not offend anyone? (That's hilarious.) Can we anticipate the return of Pillow Pants who is now working at RST Video? Or will we go back to our roots? At the end of CLERKS II, we saw that Dante had re-opened the Quick Stop for Jay and Silent Bob to loiter outside of once more. Don't forget that Becky (Rosario Dawson) accepted Dante's proposal. If I don't see her again, I might cry. Wait, if this is THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of the CLERKS trilogy does that mean it's the best one? I'm sure you guys will insert your own witty responses to that comment.

I'm excited. That is all.

Extra Tidbit: Can I help with the soundtrack? Pretty please...
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