Kevin Smith has funding for next 3 films; Hit Somebody to film Fall 2015

Kevin Smith has been teasing his retirement from filmmaking for almost two years now. At one point, CLERKS III was going to be his final film, but then a little project called TUSK came along. The indie horror film may not have lived up to the expectations of many, but it did something to Smith's career. The invigorated director now seems to have several projects on his slate, all of which have funding.

In an interview with SlashFilm, Kevin Smith outlines how a new relationship with financier Star Stream who are very excited and wanted to finance TUSK before another company came in. It now looks like after YOGA HOSERS, Smith has locked financing for MOOSE JAWS, CLERKS III, and his long in development HIT SOMEBODY.

You know, so it’s weird. Like every time somebody’s like ‘Fuck this movie, it shouldn’t exist, I’m like ‘Well I could see your point. Like it is weird and stupid.’ But, man, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for me. And it’s not because the movie is like ‘Oh it’s one of the best films ever made.’ Not by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just it exists, period. And it shows kind of creativity and it also shows like, you know, a willingness to make something happen from nothing. And do it on a low budget. And kind of pull together casts, which I can still do. So that makes it easier for somebody to be like ‘Here. Here’s a check, go do something else.’ And suddenly it means like we’re gonna get to make Hit Somebody as well in the Fall. So that’s kind of… I love that little walrus movie. It’s so strange and it’s like I know according to the narrative, it should be like ‘This movie didn’t work theatrically.’ And for that, he was punished and he’ll never do something like this again. I should be discouraged from pursuing this kind of thing, but honestly, it made everything else possible, so I’m just like ‘Wow, man, like I’m delighted I made Tusk.’ I know not everybody agrees, but I am.

I enjoy the films of Kevin Smith, even if they are not quite the MALLRATS and CHASING AMY caliber movies I have come to expect from him. TUSK wasn't great but it was some of the better work Smith has done in a while behind the camera. I am excited to finally see HIT SOMEBODY and know that one of the more outspoken voices in film will be around for a while longer.

TUSK hits Blu-ray on December 30th, 2014.

Source: SlashFilm



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