Kevin Smith records lengthy video update after massive heart attack ordeal

This week began on a terrifying note when fan-favorite director Kevin Smith scared the shit out of everyone with reports that he'd suffered a "massive heart attack" and was then rushed to Glendale Adventist Hospital for treatment.

Following a series of check-ups, the CLERKS creative offered a brief update to his status via Twitter, which you can view for yourself below:

After getting some much-needed rest and basking in an overwhelming amount of support from his celebrity friends and rock-solid fanbase, Smith has released a near-20-minute-long video in which he offers a much-anticipated update on his status, shortly after his near-death experience.

While I'd love to lay it all on the line for you here, I think it's best to let the man speak for himself, as Smith is in high spirits, yet still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

We here at JoBlo would like to wish our very best to Mr. Smith for a speedy and healthy recovery. This world isn't done with you yet, dude, and we're happy to know that you're on the mend. Additionally, a tip of our hat is also in order to the staff and doctors of Glendale Adventist Hospital, who worked quickly and expertly to get Kevin back on track. Well done, all.

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