Kevin Smith's Moose Jaws may resemble Spielberg's classic more than you know

If you've been following Kevin Smith's career the past couple of years, you may have noticed that the man has been spending a lot of time up north. Way north. I'm talkin' Canada! His last picture, TUSK, was a horror/comedy hybrid that proved to be a bit of a mixed bag, but that hasn't dissauded Smith from following through with what he calls his True North trilogy. The second installment, YOGA HOSERS, is set to hit right after the new year. After that he'll close out this saga with MOOSE JAWS, which he's always peddled as JAWS but with a Moose. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it seems as if Smith may have been more literal with that description than we thought. In a recent Q&A at a comedy club, reddit user the_zipline_champion detailed some words that Smith said regarding the upcoming film, and even read a portion of the script to them. Check it out:

The script is a beat-for-beat remake of JAWS. The dialog and scenes are copied-and-pasted from Carl Gottlieb's original screenplay. The only difference from the scene Kevin read from (Quint scratching on the chalkboard) was that Jay and Silent Bob came in to draw a penis on said chalkboard.

I was excited to hear that Kevin Smith found a renewed sense of energy regarding filmmaking, and then I saw TUSK. Now, TUSK is not a terrible picture by any means, but I'm not sure it's exactly as out there as it needs to be in order to elicit some good entertainment. The flick had its moments though, and I'm curious to check out YOGA HOSERS. I'm just hoping that Smith brings it back around to something more genuine when it comes time for CLERKS III.

Kevin Smith's next, YOGA HOSERS, will hit select theaters on January 24, 2016.

Source: reddit



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