Kevin Smith's now two-part Hit Somebody gets new titles, a script and a promised release date

Kevin Smith's decision to split his upcoming hockey film HIT SOMEBODY in half seems like a rather odd move, but one that his fans will likely be fine with, as I doubt they'll complain about having to shell out double. Smith's movies rarely put up big numbers at the box office, so perhaps this new strategy will actually pay off.

With two films come two titles, and now Smith has revealed them (via Twitter, where else?). He's calling the first one HIT SOMEBODY: HOME and the second, you guessed it, HIT SOMEBODY: AWAY. The first film chronicles the bruiser's rise to prominence, and the second his professional career.

Smith also says the first film is written, and during the credits of RED STATE, it's promised we'd see HIT SOMEBODY in 2012. Smith has been known to work fast, so it's feasible he could have both done by that time.

How far apart would he release them? I can't imagine him waiting months and months like HARRY POTTER or KILL BILL, but I guess we'll see.

RED STATE's wide release is approaching, and I continue to hear nothing but good things about it. I wonder how many Fox News stories will air about it when it premieres?

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Smith movie besides CLERKS?
Source: Twitter



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